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Our Process


Our first meeting with clients is to find out what their desires, needs and budget goals are. Next is finding the perfect home site. Once the site is selected, we design a dream home together. Communicating the desires of our clients to our architects and skilled craftsmen is our number one focus. Our clients have sometimes chosen from our existing plans, making alterations to fit their needs; more often we start from scratch to give clients the exact house they want. We make sure that a new home is everything that a client wants and is a completely comfortable purchase. The budget goal for our clients is always kept in mind. We have been very successful at providing the client with much more than they thought they could afford in a custom home. Martin Home’s fixed-price contracts with material specifications that detail all of the selections clients have made, allowing them to know exactly what they are getting at what price before construction begins. Martin Homes takes great pride in the trust built with our clients through the course of working together. Ensuring that all clients’ expectations are met has been the key to our success.

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